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Saturday, June 30, 2012

We avoid irritating web pages

One of our major web design philosophies is to NOT irritate your visitors.  Your pages should have an impact because of the content, not with distracting techniques.  We believe the following popular methods will irritate your visitors and cause them to leave your site.

1. Advertisements in general.  Not ads for what you are selling, but ads from other sites. Sure, you can earn a few dollars from visitors clicking through your site, but when ads dominate your site, visitors will leave.

2. Advertisements from others or from you, that pop up and cover over the content a visitor was reading.

3. Automated slide shows that do not allow you to manually control the pace. Okay, so your site starts with a nice photo or graphic of your product or service.  Then, it starts rotating through an album of more photos. When a visitor sees something they like, can they stop the slide show.  If not, your site is frustrating and many will click you off.

4. Flashing or moving graphics that never stop.  You can get someones attention by by flashing or moving, but it should stop quickly. To continue while they are reading other content is just plain irritating!

5. Hard to find Contact Information.  People are getting use to finding their own information or emailing you for details.  But, many want to talk to a real person.  If you don't post a phone number, you will lose many customers.

6. Difficult to read text.  To be read quickly fonts should not be fancy.  Times Roman and Arial are good choices for easy reading.  And stay away from massive text of light words on a dark background.  This is okay for short phrases or captions, but not for you main content.  Speaking of content, keep words simple and sentences are short and direct as possible.

7. No prices, estimate or range of prices.  Gone are the days when most customers will call you for a price. There are too many web sites that post prices today, for you to attract people without any idea of what you are charging.  At a minimum post a range of prices.  For example, our web site services can range from $10.00 to $10,000!  Wow, what a range!  We charge our services by the minute ($2 per minute) and service under 5 minutes is not charged. So, your minimum is $10.00. That maximum is really unlimited.

A better estimate is that a starter web site with a Home Page and 4 linked pages, each with static content and pages that fill a screen (not scrolling) might cost around $1,200.00.  That would depend on the client knowing what they want to exhibit, having photos, graphics and written content ready to publish.  We design pages, write content, take photos, create graphics and videos.  If we have to interview the client and create all content from scratch, it obviously takes more minutes.  If the content is ready and we are just designing and publishing, it would take less time.

Bottom line is that we create clean, attractive web pages. They have an immediate impact on your visitors without driving them crazy.

Contact us today at or call us at (888) 775-5551 x 4.

Pete & Ellen

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