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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Web Sites for Smart Phones

Every day a larger percentage of web site accesses are from Smart Phones.  Is your site optimized for mobile users?  Here is and how it looks on a smart phone without optimization.

The page looks good although the fonts are small.  Click on Free Tour and Take a Tour and you get the Table of Contents.

Now things are getting tough. You must be able to read and click on links that are very small.  

A good presentation of the Table of Contents for a mobile device would be:

This is a site optimized for mobile users.  Isn't it funny how history repeats itself.  Now, because of small screen sizes, we are presenting text only, no graphics or photos, just like we did 35 years ago!

But the display is now easy to read and you can "click" on your links with much more accuracy.

If you want to modify your site to handle mobile devices, send us an email at

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