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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Why have a company website?

Websites are published for many reasons.  How does your company fit in?

1. Customer Contact Information -Replacement for the Yellow Pages. Today, a great many consumers no longer use a telephone book or paper yellow pages. Any company in the future will need to have some presence on the Web.  At a minimum you need to have your Company Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address and a description of your product or service.  Google Places (now Google Plus) does provide free information as stated above. In fact, your company is probably already listed and you should access your Google account and update it with accurate information.

2. Customer Product Information: Simple web sites can be used to display your products. Perhaps you want to let consumers know what you have but you are not ready to sell online or even price online. Simply knowing the category of products you have can attract customers to your business.

3. Customer Support Informaton: More and more companies are posting their user manuals, technical manuals and FAQs online for customers to access and solve their own problems.  This is how our company began on the Web.  We post our complete OmegaSeries Business Software manual online. This eliminates paper, mailing and out-of-date documents. As soon as a document is created or updated, it goes onto our web site.

4. Employee Information: For companies with multiple locations or employees working from remote sites this is an efficient way to communicate with current or even future employees.

5. Company Branding: New companies or companies starting a new division use web sites to promote their new brand. The site may not be trying to sell the product, but just get the word out.

6. News/Blogs: Blogging is huge today. You can find a blog (web log) about anything today. And most are free, giving advice on everything you can dream up.  Our blog is brand new and  used to make announcements and give opinions or advice about Full Time RV Living.

7. Subscriptions: Paper is fast disappearing and people are reading their periodicals online. Our site is only $25 for the first year. It directs readers to every diesel motorhome manufacturer and all the information one needs to become a Full Time (or part time) RV traveler.

8. Commerical Shopping Cart: A great number of business either have no retail building or sell online in addition to their "brick and mortar" location.  Shopping carts are easily added to any web site to not only inform consumers about your products, but allow them to purchase your product online and have it shipped to them.

There a thousand other ways to use the web.  The bottom line is get on the Web or lose customers!