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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Domain Names Explained

Domain Names: All web sites have a domain name and it is unique throughout the world. is a example of a domain name. Today it cost about $12.00 to obtain the name and must be renewed every year.

We pay for the domain name for our hosting clients. Why? To avoid your company being scammed. Our clients receive ALL web services from us.  Therefore, you should never pay any other company for any web service without first contacting us for approval.  Every year we receive an email telling us that your domain name will expire. It comes from our host company. We know them and they know us.  We expect the email and pay the renewal fee.

All domain names are public knowledge. Thus many unscrupulous companies will broadcast emails to millions of companies, telling them that their domain name renewal is due.  Most of these will ask for $35 for the renewal.  Your company staff will see these emails and might just automatically pay it knowing that keeping the name is important.  Sadly, you would have just paid the wrong company and overpaid at that!

We repeat that you should only pay (parent company of for web services.

IP Addresses: In reality your web site is found by its IP address, e.g.  This IP points to the physical location of the host company.  To find an IP address there are millions of Domain Name Servers. These computer servers have all of the world's domain names and the associated IP address.  When a user requests a specific domain name these DNS servers look up the name and hand back the IP address. The user's browser then uses the IP address to find the host computer.  If your host company changes, it can take 24 to 72 hours for the DNS servers to have the new IP address.  This is why your new site may take a few days to be seen.

Multiple Domain Names: Suppose your domain name is  But you also do property sales.  Will you get more traffic by having the second domain name pointing to your web site. No, most likely not.  Using keywords in your domain can affect web site ranking. But the current wisdom is that the keyword must be first.  So "sales" being on the end of the domain name will probably not be of value.

Which is better, or The first as it has the keyword "property". However, you might want to purchase as well.  Being shorter it will be quicker to communicate verbally or on a business card.  Or you might also want as then you don't need to spell the domain as "Number, then the digit 1, Property".  An entirely better name would have started with the keywords "PropertyRentals".  It is getting very tough to pick a good and short name, good luck.

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