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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bandwidth Explained

Bandwidth has several meanings. One is the speed of your Internet connection. But, for web hosting your bandwidth is your total monthly allowance of characters (bytes) that are transferred from your web site to your viewer's.  Our BASIC hosting package allows for 500 megabytes of transfer.  A web-site-width large photo is about 1/5 of one megabyte.  Therefore your monthly allowance could download 2,500 large photos. Since most photos are much smaller you can download many more than that with BASIC hosting.  Text downloads are negligible compared to photos. Ranking from largest to smallest in size are 1) videos 2) audio 3) photos and then 4) text. 

UsaMotorHost staff checks your monthly bandwidth totals every week.  If you are about to exceed your limit, we temporarily increase your limit and then set it back at the beginning of the next month.  If you routinely exceed your limit then you would need to upgrade your hosting to a larger bandwidth package.