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Thursday, August 7, 2014

We Don't Waste Your Bandwidth

Bandwidth as used here refers to how many megabytes of data our hosting allows your site to download in one month.  Each time a site visitor views a page, that page and all of its data is downloaded to their device.
The total amount of data downloaded is accumulated for the month.  Each hosting account has a limit on bandwidth. When limit is reached your site could be shut down until the end of the month.  We watch these limits weekly and will increase your maximum bandwidth as needed.  It is reset at the beginning of next month.

There are plenty of websites that waste their bandwidth.  Perhaps they pay a larger hosting fee or have an unlimited bandwidth account.  Wouldn't it be great if your account was unlimited?  It would cost more but you could automatically play videos and music when your site is launched.  You could post huge pictures on every page.  This sounds great!  The problem is that everyday more and more viewers of your web site are connected through a cellular phone, tablet or hot spot.  Cellular companies put limits on their customer's bandwidth.  If you gobble up your viewers bandwidth with large amounts of unwanted data, you can cause your viewers money when they exceed their limits.  This will drive viewers away from your site.

At UsaMotorHost we do not waste your bandwidth.  The web trend today is to present "photo sliders".
Sliders are a group of photos that scroll automatically.  We suggest you don't ever use these. Not only do they use up bandwidth, but they are distracting to viewers.  The first photo appears and you see it and then perhaps a second photo. You start to read the text about the product or service you are interested in. While you are reading, another photo shows up and distracts you from your reading.  While 80% of new sites today are adding sliders, we find them useless in most situations!  When clients do request them, we scroll the photos very slowly to lessen the distraction. And we provide page controls to stop the scrolling and advance manually if desired.

Just this month PayPal has added a video background to their home page.  The video is the same every time, eats up your bandwidth and adds no value to the viewer and cannot be turned off.  This is hideous and we believe PayPal will shut this down soon.

UsaMotorHost is considerate of your resources and want to create the best web experience with the least investment. Not wasting your bandwidth is part of this service.