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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design  (RWD) is one of the new buzzwords on the Internet.  RWD is the technique of having the same page of content display properly on any size device. This allows a web designer to prepare content only once and then prepare Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for each device size, such as desktop screens, tablets and phones.

Future changes will reflect on all devices without the worry of forgetting to update all devices.  Here's a sample:

Without RWD a smart phone will show the same page as the desktop. But due to the smaller screen size, it could be difficult to read and the link buttons will be hard to press. [Note that this site is a single page, but there are all but impossible to find and press links at the bottom.]

With RWD, the exact same content is enlarged and displayed vertically. This renders the site readable and links are easily pressed.

Any changes made to the content is reflected on all devices. Faster, less investment and no worry about forgetting to change all device content.

Note that most tablets can adequately display the desktop pages. If not, the web designer can create another CSS definition for the tablet.

UsaMotorHost uses the most modern web programming and thus our designs are easily converted to show well all device sizes.  See USA MotorHost.

Thanks for listening! Pete & Ellen